The first design was the advent number 1-4.


I founded FELIUS Design in October 2014 where I went from idea, to product, to entrepreneur in a matter of weeks. The idea to create quality designs for special occasions emerged when I year after year was unable to find products that matched my interior design, this resulted in buying a lot of products that were only used once or twice.

The essence of FELIUS Design has therefore from the very beginning been about creating a sustainable design brand by breaking with the current throw-away-culture that we especially see today around the holidays. The value and sustainability is created through the pure (minimalistic) timeless design that contribute to the fact that you can reuse the designs year after year. Because of this the collection contain minimalistic designs for all special occasions and anniversaries throughout the year.
– Designs that can be matched with the interior of the home in a natural way.
All products come in exclusive cases and packaging that protects the products, this enables you to reuse and take better care of the products which in return spares the environment.

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Danish design has throughout the years had very high standards and it has become a seal of quality internationally. This is a tradition that FELIUS Design would like to continue – it is going to be realized by pursuing our vision to become the leading design company in Europe that produces timeless design for special occasion and anniversaries.

We have consciously decided to keep the entire design process and production in Denmark using Danish suppliers and labor. The Danish craft creates a high quality. Every material is carefully chosen and most are customized – all of this to ensure the pure expression in our sharp designs.


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